About TraveLiaison

About TraveLiaison

Launched in the middle of 2018, TraveLiaison is headed up by its founder, Martie Nagle, who is using her passion for travel and exploring new places to evolve the online travel booking experience.

A first in the Australian market, TraveLiaison’s mission is to humanise the experience of booking travel by energising the relationship and the benefits that are available to you when agents are engaged to design your travel experiences. We are a service that enables you to connect with travel agents, at no-expense to the traveller.

Our network of highly-qualified and specialised travel agencies across Australia provide an exceptional service and will book according to your needs and budget. The first of its kind in Australia, the TraveLiaison web and app-based platforms match you to the travel agent that is best suited to meet your requirements.

No longer do you need to shop around to find a travel agent that is the right fit. TraveLiaison is taking the burden off your shoulders and saving you precious time searching across the internet.

So sit back and enjoy the confidence that comes from someone managing your travel for you!

At TraveLiaison, we look forward to bringing you endless travel options.

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