Known as The Land of the Gods, beautiful Bali is magical with its breathtaking beaches, magical scenery – a dream tourist destination, stunning views, and a culture so special that it cannot be found anywhere else in the world.  Beautiful beaches, lots to see and do, historic old town, mouth-watering world class food to suit every taste and budget – what more can you ask for.  Tour the remarkable rice fields, coconuts and rainforests – Bali is beauty on earth.    
A popular tourist destinations, Bali famous for honeymoons, holidays, a sensational surfing paradise, heritage rich in culture, fantastic food, amazing architecture and sea life attractions (dolphins, diving, Seawalker), Bali  has immense influence around the world – economy, fashion, media, entertainment, the arts, world class education.  A definite must for any tourist.

Bali Before You Travel

Officially discovered in 2000 BC, Bali was occupied by Austronesians who came from Taiwan through South East Asia.  
Located in Indonesia to the western side of the Lesser Sundu Islands, beautiful Bali lies between Java to the west and Lombok to the east, Bali is renowned for its natural beauty, wonderful weather and relaxed, laid back atmosphere.  Renowned not just for breathtaking beauty Bali is all well known for its amazing architecture, traditional and modern dances, paintings, music, sculptures and more, with Bahasa Indonesia (Malay), and, Balinese spoken by locals, and the Indonesian Rupiah (IDR) or Rp as the official currency.
Cash, credit and debit cards, pre-paid cash cards, and traveller’s cheques are widely accepted and currency can be changed at any major banks or ATMs found throughout Bali.  Cars overtake on the right side of the road, while traffic moves on the left.  If you are a first time traveller to Bali, do not drive.  Driving rules and regulations differ in Bali from other countries.   Electricity in Bali is a standard 220 AC volts, two round pin sockets and plugs and plug adapters should also be used.  Bottled gas is also used for cooking and heating water.  A valid passport together with return tickets are required travelling to Bali.  Visas are not required for trips under 30 days.  

Located very close to the equator, weather in Bali is a warm, tropical all year round climate with 30 degrees average temperature and 85% humidity with two seasons – Dry Season and Rainy season June, July and August are the best months to visit – dry weather and sunny days, with many visitors all looking for sunshine – Bali is beautiful.      

Bali Tourism

Beauty at your feet, Bali oozes beauty, perfection, peace, and tranquillity, so much to choose from in this incredible treasure trove.  Choose from cultivating culture, art, festivals and more. Bali is paradise, perfect with outstanding tourism, incredible things to see and do, showing this iconic island’s commitment to tourism.

Bali Heritage

Oozing perfection and beauty, Bali appeals to many with its beauty of nature, stunning volcanoes, remarkable rice fields, enchanting, peaceful and tranquil – beautiful Bali has it all.  Consider visiting the following attractions on your trip to Bali; magical Mount Batur, Ubud Monkey Forest, Gitgit Waterfall, Bali Gardens, Bali Safari and Marine Park, Dreamland Beach and more - enjoying everything this magical tropical paradise has to offer.  

Bali Highlights and Attractions

Bali is the perfect destination for any tourist with so much to choose from, here is our pick of the highlights in Bali, we think deserve a mention; 
Waterbom Bali, Sunset Tour, Ujung Water Palace, Sunrise Hiking, visit temples, bask in the sun on beautiful white sand beaches, shop in the markets and more - tempt your taste buds with delicious, mouth-watering food, cooked to world class standards. 

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